What Does it Mean to be a Member of Hopewell?

Hopewell Christian Fellowship is a church where the spiritual decisions affecting the life of the local body are under the care of its Elders. Church membership is the means by which an individual expresses their relationship to our local body as well as stating their desire to come under the spiritual covering, direction, governance and protection of the Elders.

  •           It means that you want to publicly identify with this local congregation, its vision, its ministry, Statement of Faith and Core
  •           Values in a concrete way.
  •           It means you want to help be responsible for and responsive to the other members, offering your love and service.
  •           It means that you will participate in our worship gatherings on a regular basis and be an active participant in a Small Group.
  •           It means that you want to help accomplish the mission of the church through participation in the public meetings of the church, 
  •           through some kind of ministry, and through offering your material and spiritual resources.
  •           It means that you will come under the care of the Elders and Pastoral Staff and will submit to biblical church discipline.
  •           It means that you want to be counted on when members are asked to confirm God’s direction for the church.

How Can I Become a Member of Hopewell Christian Fellowship?

  •           Be 18 years of age or older.
  •           Be a baptized believer in Jesus Christ or a stated intention to do so.
  •           Be in agreement with our Statement of Faith and Core Values and be willing to be governed as regards to your participation
  •                by the provisions of the bylaws.
  •           Complete the Membership Class by actual participation.
  •           Sign the Statement of Commitment and be received into the Church at a public meeting. 

Membership classes are held two times per year. Childcare will be provided for the fall class but will not be provided for the class in the spring. 
Check back for more information and the date of our next class or contact Jackie at or 484.514.1032.