Our Core Values

We believe that the church exists to worship God – individually, in small groups
and in corporate gatherings.

We believe that developing healthy, loving relationships with other Christians
individually, in small groups and corporately, are essential for people to fully experience a
vibrant Christian life.

We believe that in partnership with the Holy Spirit, we can help people mature in their relationship
with Christ and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

We believe God’s love compels us to impact people’s lives with the message of the Gospel at
home and abroad.

We believe that all Christians are to model the life of Christ by serving others.

We believe that God calls us to generously give of our time, talents, and resources, thus releasing God's
blessings and furthering the work of the church.

We believe that prayer is foundational in knowing God, essential in accomplishing God’s purpose, and powerful
in changing the path of men and nations.

Mission & Vision

Statement of Faith