Pastor of Student Ministries ~ Derek Ryder

I received a calling from God to youth ministry at the age of 16 while on a mission trip to Pittsburgh, PA. I attended Valley Forge Christian College where I studied youth ministry. I am passionate about helping students; through difficulties of their teen years, make decisions they won't come to regret later, find a relationship with and/or grow in Christ. My hope is to see students come together to encourage and care for each other.

I've been married to Leann since 2004 and we have two children. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing most any sport, listening to music, and reading Ted Dekker books.
Favorite band: Diciple.
Favorite food: Cannoli.
Words of Wisdom: It's not that people don't feel convicted, it's that people don't feel it's convenient.


 Leann Ryder

Wife of Derek Ryder for 9 years, and Mommy to one very busy little man, Camden. Attends Fusion on Sundays &Wednesdays whenever possible. "I've always had a heart for teen ministry, from a young age. I loved the years that I spent in my home church youth group, and its impact never left me. I have a heart to see students rise above what their culture is telling them- what is "normal" to the world, and make decisions that leave them with a life of no regrets." Favorite food: Chocolate, Favorite worship song: Wrap Me in Your Arms by Gungor.


Brian Parson 
       Hi, I'm Brian.    

I have been a part of the Hopewell family for over 20 years.  I enjoy relaxing and hanging out with my family & friends.  I love to play sports and being active as much as possible.  I am open to trying new things no matter what it is unless I have more than a 40% chance of death.  Oh, and I like ice in my milk.