For everything that was written in the past was written
to teach us,
 so that through endurance and the encouragement
of the Scriptures we might have hope.
Romans 15:4




What is Biblical Counseling? 
God cares about you and your struggles and He provides everything you need to navigate through the journey and challenges of life. Biblical counseling is a process of focused discipleship.

What kind of help will I receive?                                                   
A volunteer biblical counselor will:

• foremost provide hope
• help you learn how to practically apply biblical principles to whatever
   challenging life situation you are facing
• will encourage you as you begin actually applying the principles with the
   understanding that change takes time.

Can I receive help for my problem through biblical counseling?
Because God, through the Bible, lays out principles for spiritual, personal and relational
health, biblical counseling can provide help in each of these areas.

Spiritually, a biblical counselor can help you, among other things:

• Come to a better Understanding God's role in your circumstances
• Learn how to apply your faith to your life situation
• Learn how to Experience freedom by receiving God's forgiveness for the past.

Personally, a biblical counselor can help you, among other things:
• Learn how to get a handle on emotions like anger and depression
• Overcome certain addictions
• Manage stress

Relationally, a biblical counselor can help you, among other things:
• Equip you for marriage through premarital counseling
• Help you resolve marital or other relationship issues and overcome hurt from offenses

• Help with direction in parenting at all stages from the "terrible twos" to adult children

How does biblical counseling work?
Along with your willingness to do the necessary work to replace problematic behaviors and attitudes with beneficial and healthy responses, the biblical counselor will  encourage you in the practical and personal application of biblical principles to your unique situation acknowledging it is only by the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer that lasting change can take place. 

How long does biblical counseling take?
There is not a set # of sessions. Some only need to meet one time to talk through a dilemma or decision while others need to meet several times (typically not more than 12 sessions) to obtain the desired change in their life. Either is okay. With the exception of the first session (usually longer due to data gathering), each session is an hour with more time given for couples and families.

Where does biblical counseling take place?

A biblical counselor will meet with you in a safe and comfortable counseling room at Hopewell. 

How do I get started?
First, download and read the Statement of UnderstandingIf you are in agreement, contact Chris McNamara at or 484.514.61031 to schedule an appointment. Be prepared to briefly describe what you are seeking help for. If you are unable to download the Statement of Understanding here, be sure to request it in your email or when you call. 


If you are interested in receiving help and encouragement in a group setting, check out our Purpose Groups to see if there is one that might address your specific life challenge.