These seminars/workshops are offered throughout the year
to help enrich and encourage Christ centered living.

Return to Intimacy

     The joy of marriage is learning how to become one, while growing with
     your spouse as God intended.  In this 8-week study you'll discover how to  
     dramatically increase the closeness of your relationship, while drawing near 
     to God as a couple.  

Creating an Atmosphere of Grace

This 10 week video workshop hosted by Dr. Tim Kimmel will help parents of young children
find the balance in a world of extremes.  Prepare your whole family for a lifetime of healthy choices
          and relationships - with God and each other.  Teach your child to navigate their culture
   choose better friends, and make wiser choices.    

                               Crossroads Career Network 

If you're unemployed or in an employment transition, this class is for you!
There is no cost for this 9 week class and the Crossroads Career Network provides a world-class,
Christ-centered career search portal with over 100 selected links to career sites. You will receive
personal coaching and mentoring to sharpen resume building and interviewing skills.  


The Art of Marriage

In this 6-week video guided experience, couples and those considering marriage will have the opportunity to look at their relationship in a whole new way. Weaving instruction from respected pastors and Bible teachers together with compelling stories, humorous vignettes, man-on-the-street interviews and more, The Art of                                                                      Marriage helps couples apply what the Bible teaches about marriage in a powerful way.
                                        It’s practical, funny, and straight to the heart. 


Managing Our Finances God's Way

Managing Our Finances God's Way is a 7-week, video-based workshop that
   will inspire and equip you to live debt-free and/or manage your finances in a God-honoring way.
     Topics include Giving as an Act of Worship, God’s solution to debt and much more.